URBNFit Mini Pilates Ball - 9 inch Exercise Ball



9 inch Exercise Ball

You will love the versatility of the 9 INCH MINI FITNESS BALL  It is perfect for yoga, pilates, physical therapy or home workouts that focus on strengthening your core, posture, balance, toning and a variety of others. The ball is made with high quality PVC material and it has a special coating that will sustain up to 600 lbs of pressure. It should hold up with the most rigorous workouts you have. The 9 inch ball comes highly recommended by experts who use it all the time in therapy and training such as physical therapists and physical trainers. You will be wanting to incorporate the ball in all your training exercises. Try it today!

Product description:

  • Experience an incredible full body workout with URBNFit’s Mini Fitness ball!
  • Whether you are a pilates enthusiast, yoga lover, or just want to get a great workout, this convenient and multi-functional mini yoga ball will help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Recommended by personal trainers and physical therapists, the mini fitness ball works across all fitness routines and platforms. These workout help with toning muscles to sculpting your core and also increasing your balance and flexibility.
  • Strengthen your core and build muscle. The unbalanced nature of the mini exercise ball forces you to use your core strength to keep balance as you perform certain movements. As these movements target the muscle groups, you will be able to build and strengthen the individual muscles. As you will be able to soon see, those sit-ups will be mastered in no time.
  • Benefits:
    – Perfect for strengthening the abdominal muscles, core and lower back muscles.
    – Manufactured from durable PVC and Perfect for tough workouts.
    – High grip, non-slip surface for safe use when performing weighted exercises.
    – Perfect for use with yoga, pilates, or for general strengthening & balance.
    – Kit Includes: Workout guide, extra plugs and inflation straw.

WORKOUT GUIDE AND ACCESSORIES ARE INCLUDED – Start working out using our easy to follow guide. Your mini fitness ball is delivered deflated however you will be able to inflate the ball in seconds with the included inflation straw.

For a SAMPLE workout, click here for an exercise video with the mini fitness ball.



Inflation Instructions
-Remove plug from ball.
-Insert straw and blow to inflate.
-Inflate ball to desired firmness and insert plug.


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