CHISOFT Back Stretcher Machine to RELIEVE Tight Back Muscles

This is the BEST Back Stretcher around with a low back stretching device that will help relieve the tight spastic muscles, help you relax the body and ease the strain. It provides a nice back stretch that will provide hours of comfort and relief throughout your day. And you will be ready to relax and enjoy the day or night ahead of you.



Back Stretcher Machine

The Back Stretcher Machine is a simple way to relieve tight back muscles and will help you relax the body by easing the back strain. It provides a nice back stretch that will provide hours of comfort and relief throughout your day. Soon you will be able to resume your normal workouts and lead that active lifestyle that you are accustomed to. Relieve tight back muscles today with the back stretcher machine and enjoy that walk or run that you love!


What the Back Stretcher can do for you!

  • RECOMMENDED BY TV DOCTOR OZ : A nice back stretch for comfort 5 minutes twice a day, will help relieve tension in your low back. CHISOFT back stretcher machine(2nd Edition) is the only device recommended for a simple and effective way to reduce back pain and relieve tight back muscles.
  •  RELIEVES CHRONIC BACK PAIN & IMPROVES POSTURE:  Daily activities that include extended use on the computer, sitting all day, or physical activities can lead to spine and posture imbalances. ChiSoft Back Stretcher and Lumbar Support is uniquely designed to help correct and improve one’s posture.
  •  CREATES FLEXIBILITY: Stretching your back on a daily basis will strengthen the muscles in your back.  Your body will be better prepared to take on the stresses of your job or lifestyle. 
  •  3 DIFFERENT STRETCHING ARCHS that will give you a back stretch for comfort in a healthy way.

RELIEVE Symptoms of these conditions –

  1. Lower, upper, and middle back pain
  2. Poor posture alignment
  3. Aching or stiffness along the spine
  4. Chronic pain in tailbone
  5. Muscle tension
  6. Bad circulation in the regions of back
  7. Frequent spasms within the tissues of your back

It’s time you get rid of these problematic issues and help alleviate strains and pains with this amazing product. It will leave your back feeling refresh, rejuvenated, and alive.

The popular  Back Stretcher Machine is the one of the best products to relieve tight back muscles and was shown on TV and used by more than thousands of customers to get a great back stretch. Regular usage of this back stretcher can alleviate chronic back pain with real professional results.


  • Designed for people of all ages.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Perfect for taking it with you on your travels, or at home /office!

To assemble and use the BEST Back Stretcher click here.

Made of Tough ABS Plastic

Made from the strongest and most durable material used today – ABS plastic. It supports up to 200 lbs of pure muscle mass. The strength of the ABS plastic is no doubt the best to lean on and is sure to fit snug against your spine for added support and a good back stretch.

3 Adjustable Arch Angles

 Light-weight design with three different arch angles. This allows for a deeper and controlled  back stretch for comfort within the lower, middle and upper regions of the back. It is designed to lengthen the tightened muscles (especially the shoulders, pectoral muscles, and neck). Easy to assemble and store.

Chair Attachment

To help assist with lower back pain while sitting, the extra back strap has you covered. A supportive strap wraps around the back stretcher while being used on a chair that will give added comfort and effectiveness. It will also be useful for sitting long periods of time at the computer which will help with posture correction.

Comfy Cushion Foam

A green cushion foam support is added for extra backing to the spine area. This makes it comfortable and easy for you to lay on. The spine is protected so it can provide a nice back stretch for comfort as well as give the lumbar support it needs.

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