Vinyl 40 LB Dumbbell Set Hand Weights for Home Workouts

By Sunny Health & Fitness

The Sunny Health & Fitness 40lbs Vinyl Dumbbell Set is designed to provide versatility to your workouts so you can enhance your physical strength, power, muscular growth, and muscular endurance. Our fitness weights feature a solid textured grip. The handle design features a curved center that contours to the natural arch of your hand. The solid steel polypropylene coated bars are 17 inches long to provide ample space to accommodate the 6 interchangeable vinyl plates.




Workout at Home with the Adjustable Barbells Weight Set. This is a perfect set to use as you are beginning your weight program or if you have been doing it for awhile. The quality of the barbells will withstand years of use and get your body in great shape.


  • Workouts you can do anytime at home!
  • Ideal for beginners AND experienced fitness enthusiasts.
  • Customize your routine with the desired weight.
  • Barbells to work everything from your chest, shoulders and arms.

Weight set includes: (2) 1″D x 17″L inch Steel Bars, (4) Star Lock Collars; (4) 1. 5lb Weights, (4) 2. 5lb Weights, (4) 5lb Weights

Start your workouts with a low amount of weight. As you get more comfortable, increase the weight to build muscle.  You can switch it up by adding more or less reps.  Adjusting the amount of weight is easy. All you have to do is simply remove or add plates to/from the barbells and secure them with the threaded collars. Get the best workout ever with the adjustable barbells weight set.


  • 40 POUNDS: Each set comes equipped with a pair of dumbbells with enough weight to create 2 dumbbells weighing 5 pounds, 10 pounds, or 20 pounds.
  • WORKOUT VERSATILITY: Enhance your muscular strength, endurance, power, and growth using these dumbbells to train every major muscle group on the body.
  • SECURE ERGONOMIC COMFORT GRIP: A curved center handlebar grip contours to the natural arch of your hand while the textured grip provides a secure grip without being too aggressive.
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT: 12 interchangeable plates can be adjusted to meet your specific workout needs. Increase the weight of one dumbbell up to 34 pounds when you perform single dumbbell exercises.
  • INCLUDES: (2) 1″D x 17″L inch Steel Bars, (4) Star Lock Collars; (4) 1. 5lb Weights, (4) 2. 5lb Weights, (4) 5lb Weights

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