RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager for Body Pain Relief



Best Back Massager

RENPHO’s  Best Back Massager helps Relieve Pain throughout the entire body: Using percussion technology, it relaxes and relieves pain within a short time. It also works great on muscles in the neck, shoulders, arms, and legs that will assist you in getting back to healthy living. Even if you have sore feet, by stimulating the nerve endings with some of the attachments, your feet will feel better. Whether you have an active lifestyle or even a more sedentary lifestyle, the back massage unit can help stimulate movement of fluids and tissue that will help regroup the tighter areas. Start feeling the pain relief today!



The hand held massage unit is Portable and Flexible. With the Cordless design, you can use it anywhere – at home, office or even traveling. 5 interchangeable head-attachments designed for working specific areas. It is the best back massage unit on the market.


  1. Powerful Motor and Designed with safety in mind.
  2. Runs up to 3600 pulses per minute for effective relief on tight muscle areas. It will automatically stop after 20 minutes of use to prevent the massage unit from over-heating.
  3. Cordless & Rechargeable: The built-in rechargeable battery lasts approximately a TOTAL of 140 minutes on a full charge. For safety, it can’t be used while unit is charging.
  4. 5 interchangeable head-attachments designed for working specific areas.

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FDA Registered & FCC Certified. Guaranteed for 1 year

Great ideal gift for men, women, parents and friends.