Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table with Adjustable Headrest



BEST Inversion Table for Strength Building

You will find the Innova is one of the BEST Inversion Tables on the market today. It takes only a small amount of time to use it for some of the biggest results you will have with your spine and other body functions. It folds up to fit in a closet or behind a doorway for easy access. Try the best inversion table today and see if you will also agree with me on the benefits.


MAJOR BENEFITS with a gravity inversion therapy table

  • Improve Spine Health
  • Avoid the Need for Pain Medication
  • Prevent Need for Surgery
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Mobility


The Gravity Inversion Therapy Table is designed to help relieve pressure on the spine by angling your body downward for several minutes. By taking away the effects of gravity, your body has a chance to realign in a more natural way. As we age, our bodies get more compressed and chronic back pain, fatigue and other related symptoms show up. The gravity inversion therapy table is a quick and easy way of fixing that.


  • An adjustable headrest pad with a large and comfortable padded backrest.
  • Adjustable in system with Six (6) positions and an added Patent Pending Protective Cover for easy positioning plus it is safer inverting over strap systems.
  • True Balance system for inverting easily with ergonomically & reversible ankle holding system.
  • Accommodates users 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in with a 300 lbs. weight capacity.
  • RECOMMENDED USE: When first beginning, be aware of the degree of tilting and speed in which you tilt. Doing it slowly at first is often a good way to do it. Start at the lowest setting for 10 minutes two times a day for at least two weeks to a month and then repeat at the next setting. As soon as you get relief at a setting, stay at that setting.

NOTE: Please refer to the user manual before use. Consulting your doctor for guidance if you have any concerns.

Here is a Video on how to use the Innova Inversion Table.

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NOT RECOMMENDED for people who have high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma, severe spine injuries, hernias or recovering from surgery. Consult your Doctor for guidance.














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