Tomasar Foldable 40" Mini Trampoline Rebounder, Max Load 300lbs



Best Mini Trampoline Rebounder

The BEST Mini Trampoline is one made by Tomasar. It is a perfect piece of equipment to have in your home gym area. The trampoline folds up and is easy to store in a closet. Your workout will always seem to have a dual purpose spin where not only will you get a good cardio workout. you will also improve  balance which helps to improve your bone strength.  As you jump, the action speeds up the impact it has on your system and your results will come more quickly than a walk or a run outside. People of all ages can benefit from the best mini trampoline. Try it and see the benefits for yourself. You will not regret it. The Tomasar Mini Trampoline is quality made and will last for many years to come.


  •    Tough PP mesh mat
  •    Soft and smooth surface
  •    Strong and resistant
  •   300 lbs max weight

Heavy Duty Construction

  •    Durable strong steel frame
  •    Sturdy 6 leg base for added stability
  •    40 tightly coiled rust resistant springs

Removable Handrail

  •    Handrail is foam covered
  •    40 inches with handrail

Easy to Carry, Assemble and Folds up for Easy Storage

Exercising for just 15 minutes a day on the mini trampoline is equal to –

  • Doing Yoga for 60 minutes
  • Swimming for 30 minutes
  • Walking for 60 minutes
  • Running for 30 minutes


  •    Improves your cardiovascular system
  •    Increases blood circulation
  •    Builds up your immune system
  •    Improves balance and coordination
  •    Builds muscle mass and strengthens hip, shoulder and leg muscles
  •    Helps burn calories
  •    Builds physical strength and muscular development
  •    Strengthens the spine
  •    Builds up bone density

To enjoy a quality exercise workout, get the best mini trampoline for those wanting to stay FIT and HEALTHY!

Click on Video of a 38″ Rebounder. This model is without the support bar. The video  shows how to assemble and use the rebounder easily.


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