GOBEES Weighted Fitness Hoop Plus Size for Adults, Exercise Hoop for Weight Loss



GoBEE’s BEST Weighted Hula Hoop

You will find this is the BEST Weighted Hula Hoop on the market today. It is easy to use, compact and storable while providing the most amazing results out there. Not only will you lose inches off your waist, you will have a full body workout with burning up to 800 calories during a 30 minute session. The waist exercises will give you more energy and vitality in your day making you feel so refreshed and eager to do-it-all-over-again tomorrow! Wouldn’t it be fun to give the best weighted hula hoop as a gift for a loved one who is wanting a change in their body shape too?


  • Fits waist size 31 inches to 52 inches.
  • Hoop has 24 detachable parts and can be designed for the individual body size. 16 parts needed for the smaller figure and working up to 24 parts for the largest size.
  • The fitness hoop sections have safety locks to keep it together and then can easily be taken apart and stored in a small area.
  • Hoop is made of high quality ABS materials to prevent equipment aging.
  • Light weight
  • A Soft gravity ball is attached to an adjustable rope depending on your level of training.
  • Works for adults and children

BENEFITS you will get with waist exercises

  • Easy to use, comfortable to wear and will not fall down!
  • Burns fat
  • Slims the waist – great for new mothers who want to get back into shape
  • Helps lose weight
  • Regulates the gut
  • Feel more energized
  • Makes you feel younger

RECOMMENDED: Workout 3-4 times a week for 30 minute sessions. Do this for one month and you will be amazed at the results you will see.

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