Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Massager

The Breo iPalm520 Hand Massager is a wonderful, soothing electric machine that relieves hand stress. With using air pressure and hot compress massage technology the Breo iPalm520 is a pretty  amazing experience. You will enjoy a soothing rhythm, which helps relieve tension, stress and fatigue in the hands. Try it TODAY!




The iPalm520 Breo Hand Massager is designed for people who use their hands through work and play and need some relief from repetitive work. Not only does it massage and soothe the entire hand and fingers, it relieves pain, stress and fatigue. The Breo hand massager is also great for people who have arthritis and other issues that need the gentle touch with heat and movement for relief.


  • The iPalm520 Breo hand massager uses air pressure and hot compress massage technology to make it an amazing experience. It applies a soothing massage experience to the entire hand and fingers including both the top and bottom of the hand.
  • It has a built-in air pressure inflation and deflation setting. Plus it is effective in relieving pain and discomfort in the hands. With a soothing rhythm, it helps to relieve tension, stress and fatigue in the hands.
  • A Great Gift for people who use their hands more without relaxation such as computer worker, pianist and housewife etc.
  • The Breo hand massager has various massage functions, including a feature that controls massage strength and time, and LCD screen that displays the massage mode and timer.
  • With having a light and portable design, it makes it a great companion for you at home, in the office or on the go.

    Product concept

    Our iPalm520 Breo Hand Massager is designed on the basis of traditional Chinese Medical Science—Meridian Acupoint Massage theory. It has been proved in thousands years of Chinese Medicine practice that meridians distribute in human body and frequent massages to the acupoints of the meridians can make positive influence to our health.

    As the old saying goes, “Hand is the second brain”, “Palm is the window of human body”. Meridians link internal organs with the palm, which makes the palm the reflection zone of the health status of the organs. Regular and proper stimulus to the palm can benefit our internal organs in a long run.

    Our iPalm520 Hand Massager innovatively applies the Air Pressure and Heat compression technology to knead the entire hand and accurately stimulate the acupoints with waving rhythm, which helps to accelerate the blood circulation and relieve the hand/fingers pain, numbness and stiffness.

    Why you need our iPalm520 Hand Massager

    Have frequent strong hand work, and your wrist/finger muscle and joint get numb, stiff and sore, or even fingers deformed?
    Play with computer/tablet/mobile too frequently and you get mouse hand or keyboard hand?
    As a woman, suffer from the hands coldness or even freezing in winter?
    Dry, windy or cold weather make your hand skin rough and old?

    With its waving air pressure and soothing heat compression co-working to your entire hand, our iPalm520 is the perfect solution to these problems!
    It is time to reward and relax your hands!

To see a VIDEO on how to operate the Breo iPalm520, CLICK HERE



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