Butyce Massage Gun Y8 Pro Max(Gray) Handheld, Deep Tissue



BUTYCE Massage Gun

The BUTYCE Massage Gun is one of the Best hand held massage guns on the market. It is only 2.1 lbs and has 8 different attachments to work on different parts of the body. The tight muscles will  love the variety of settings and will feel revitalized after your massage workout with the Butyce massage gun.


  • Butyce Y8 Pro Max Massage Gun
  • Stall force 50 lbs. Stroke length 14 mm.
  • 7 Speed Levels  1300-3200 ppm
  • Noise level – quiet 25-55 dB
  • 8 Attachments
  • Battery 4800 mAh, 10-15 hours of use


  • Made of Hard PC Alloy – Will not easily break or wear out.
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Power button is at the base of device for ease of on/off switch
  • LED Touch Screen to cycle thru the 7 speeds. Also displays speed gears, pressure sensor and power display.
  • Travel Case

ATTACHMENTS for the Y8Pro Max has 8 attachments.

Flat, Ball, Fork, Bullet, Air, Cushion, Spade, Arc and Tower

Descriptions of some of the attachments are as follows:

  • Ball
    It’s the all-purpose attachment because it can work on both large and small muscle groups.
  • Flat
    It’s the perfect attachment if you want to work on large muscle groups. You can use it on your quads, hamstrings and pecs.
  • Bullet
    This is the go-to attachment when you need to work on target areas around your hands and feet. It’s also good to work on ligaments.
  • Fork
    The fork or spinal attachment works on the area around the spine and the neck. The two prongs slide across either side of the spine. You can also use it to massage your Achilles.

The other attachments are really just variations of these.

Size, Weight:

The Y8 Pro Max measures 9.3” x 6.5” x 2.95”.  It weighs 2.1lbs.

HOW to USE Massage Gun (CLICK HERE to view Video)

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