Aging Backwards Connective Tissue Workouts with Miranda Esmonde-White

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2 30-Minute Workouts
Rebalance Your Connective Tissue
Release and Rebuild Your Fascia

Our connective tissue surrounds every inch of our body around every organ, nerve, bone, and muscle cell. This means that an imbalance or stiffness in one part of your connective tissue will be felt throughout the rest your body. As you go through each of these workouts, you will systematically work each layer of your connective tissue, leaving your body re-balanced, pain free, and full of energy!



Connective Tissue Workout

This connective tissues workout is specifically designed for the connective tissues in your body. As an example of this, by stretching and lengthening your fascia, your balance will improve as well as increase your mobility and flexibility. So as you start seeing the great results, you will definitely want to add this exercise routine to your weekly regimen.

Length of sessions:  30 minutes

TYPES of Connective Tissues that support your framework and structure:

  • Cartilage – strong and flexible connective tissue that cushions the body’s skeletal system.
  • Bones –  a spongy or compact connective tissue that includes bone tissue and marrow.
  • Adipose or fat tissue – a loose connective tissue that stores excess energy and fat.
  • Blood and lymph tissues – connective tissues that are fluids which help make the blood cells and support the immune system.

There is so much to learn about the inner workings of the human body. As you discover more information, the better equipped you will be in taking care of your body.

6 GREAT Reasons to stretch the fascia/connective tissue

  1. No pain
  2.  Blood flow increases
  3. Coordination improves
  4. Boosts endurance
  5. Range of motion and flexibility is increased
  6. Weight loss


Miranda Esmonde-White is a fitness trainer from Canada and a former ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada. She has excelled as an author of numerous books on fitness, health and aging as well as create a number of stretching and strengthening workout exercises with the use of Essentric training techniques. You will be able to See Miranda Esmonde-White on PBS with her TV fitness show.

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