Konjac Sponge Set: Organic Skincare Facial for Natural Exfoliating and Deep Pore Cleansing 5 Piece Sampler Pack



Exfoliating Sponge for Body Cleanse

The Konjac Sponges are genuine organic sponges made from Konjac roots that are known to help remove excess oil from the body and fight bacteria. 100 % Natural ingredients which are gentle and safe to use on the skin without any side effects.  5 colored sponges in the packet designed for different uses. Follow the instructions to get the most benefit out of each of them.


  • Gentle and safe to use on the skin without any side effects.
  • Achieve radiating skin naturally.
  • Help nourish and smooth skin naturally.
  • Less cleanser needed for face washing with the Konjac sponge.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin that won’t damage the integrity of your skin.
  • Cleans skin without stripping its natural oils and disrupting the normal pH levels.
  • Helps with pimples and acne conditions.


Wash face twice daily. Soften the sponge thoroughly in warm warm water. Squeeze out excess water and add a small amount of cleanser to clean face. Use light circular movements around the face. Rinse out with water, squeeze and leave to dry. Do not leave it in the sink- hang it for drying

  • White Konjac sponge designed for removing make-up and as a daily cleanse.
  • Black Konjac sponge infused with charcoal for acne-prone skin and is designed for deeper cleaning and exfoliation.
  • Purple/pink Konjac sponges have French clay incorporated that is suitable for sensitive, mature or drier skin.
  • Green Konjac sponge have green clay for detoxifying and oil-absorbing benefits.
  • Orange Konjac sponge has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Ideal for skin that has been damaged with UV rays or sun burns.


Mineral Additives:

  • Activated charcoal
  • Turmeric
  • Green tea

Konjac sponges are a natural material, so they will start to biodegrade over time. If you take care of your sponge, it should last you around six to eight weeks, but recommend replacing after six weeks to make sure your skin stays clean and healthy.