HAPYH 2 Pack Glider Discs and 5 Exercise Resistance Loop Bands-(CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)



Glider Discs

This complete package of Glider Discs is a great exercise especially formulated to give your muscles a full-fledged workout. These 2 exercise sliders are suitable for working-out both the isolated and compound muscle groups, as well as tuck up abdominal muscles. The 5 sets of resistance bands will tone your arms, legs, ankles, back, and buttocks muscles.


  • EASY TO USE: Our exercise glider discs will work on all surfaces (wooden, tiled, laminate or tiles) and in either at home or at the gym. The resistance exercise loop bands offer a provision for stamina and strength training. To alternate your work intensity, there is also an adjustment feature.
  • INCORPORATE OTHER FITNESS WORKOUTS: With the resistance exercise loop you are able to use for pilates, yoga, stretching, rehabilitation etc.
  • GREAT QUALITY EXERCISE BANDS: They are made out of 100% natural latex free, non-natural Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) with no rubber smell. The 5 loop bands have varying resistance levels ideal for the novice or the workout warrior. For the beginners, they will love the light and extra lite bands to start out with. And as you get more experienced, the advanced strength training workouts will require the  medium, heavy and extra heavy exercise bands.


The glider discs have two sides, the smooth side for the soft floor, such as a carpet, and the soft side for the hard floor. You will find a set of five exercise bands which weigh 3-23 pounds of weight.


These glider discs are designed for a low-impact routine. Your hands or feet should never leave the floor. Which means there will be less strain on your joints and less pain during recovery. You will also enjoy the contoured sides have been added as a special feature to the discs to enhance the comfort and ease.



1  Each of Extra Light (Yellow), Light (Red), Medium (Green), Heavy (Blue),Extra Heavy (Black),

2 Core Sliders


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