Natural Jute Yoga Workout Mat Eco-Friendly-with Carrying Strap



Jute Yoga Mat

The Anja Jute Yoga Mat is a High Quality Workout Mat that is Eco friendly, natural, recyclable, and made from organic jute fiber includes a carrying strap for ease of travel. Designed in Australia the mat is eco-friendly, natural, recyclable, and made from organic jute fiber. For a long lasting and attractive looking mat, try the Anja Jute Yoga Mat today.

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  • MEDITATE IN PEACE: Anja yoga workout mats are Eco-friendly – free from heavy metals, harmful toxic chemicals and rubber. Treat yourself or give the mat as a gift. Every workout mat sold Anja plants a tree – good for you, and good for the Earth.
  • THE ONLY TRAVEL YOGA WORKOUT MAT YOU’LL EVER NEED: Equipped with a mat strap, you will be able to carry your workout mat easily to a studio, outdoors or anywhere you will need it. Our high quality durable workout mat is also very easy to roll, and lightweight to carry. The strap also can double as a stretching strap to add to your workout and we can even provide a stretch sequence.
  • NO DISCOMFORT WITH KNEES AND JOINTS: Your yoga workout mat is not only elegantly designed, it has a soft texture and is very kind to your knees. The extra large yoga mat materials feature double layers for increased comfort and function. The top of the yoga mat has a textured high-performance grip on top. The non-slip backing ensures you have excellent grip during high intensity workout sessions. These 5mm layers provide cushioning and comfort.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS AND SIZES: The workout mat is designed for a variety of users. We’ve thought of everything to make this a totally enjoyable workout session with the no slip mat, length, width, and thickness are larger than other mats on the market. The jute yoga mat is ideal for all types of practice including Pilates, exercise classes, or just relax in comfort.

    • Spray with essential oils is a great way to clean, disinfect and add a nice scent.
    • Apple Cider Vinegar and water (50/50 mixture). Wipe down with cloth and hang dry.
    • Hand wash with soap and water – non oil based soap is the best. Recommend once/week.

This simple care routine will ensure your yoga mat will last for years to come. As the years progress, you may even notice your mat getting softer and the traction improving it as you break it in. 

Jute Yoga Mat Size: 72″ long, 5mm thick      

This is the wonderful nature of jute, one of nature’s most sustainable forms of fiber

lovingly bought to you by Ajna Wellbeing.

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