Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils - Top 9 Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Essential Oil Set 9/10ml



Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils

NATROGIX BLISS ESSENTIAL OILS  –  hold nine (9) Therapeutic grade extracted oils. They can be used alone, or can be combined together with others. And an added benefit is these oils add a freshness and feeling of relaxation, joy and healing whenever you use them.


  • THE PERFECT BALANCE – Natrogix Bliss contains the 9 most popular essential oils. Our oils are carefully sourced all over the world and well-known for their effectiveness. They make a perfect gift, starter set, or adding on to a basic collection. 
  • DELICATE OILS PACKAGED SECURELY – Each box of Bliss have nine 10ml bottles with easy-use droppers and are wrapped with care to ensure safe travels. The gold amber tint of the strong bottles guard the delicate oils from light and UV degradation. All Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils are bottled in FDA certified facilities in the US.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEED – We are excited to share Natrogix Bliss with the world. All 9 oils are GC/MS certified, and NO pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or other additives.  All the essential oils have unique scents and is unrelated to their main job which is to be absorbed into our system by breathing and through skin absorption, to promote health and well being. Some oils have a “chemical” smell because of containing 100% natural chemicals from the plant such as alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ketones, etc.
  • COMPLIMENTARY RECIPE E-BOOK – Receive a free book with containing 200 original custom recipes for your Natrogix Bliss set. You will discover amazing combinations that will intrigue you at first… and then realize it is something you can’t live without!

100% Pure Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils are Fully Tested with GC/MS

We are serious about essential oil safety. At Natrogix, we test every batch of oil purchased from a distiller or distributor with GC/MS. The GC/MS test report for all the Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils are available for customers to check. You can get the GC/MS report by going to the ebook page and click on the GC/MS report. Rest assured, we are confident that the Natrogix essential oils you purchase will be pure and strong and it will bring you the best essential oil benefits.

The precise breakdown of the chemical components in individual oils given to us by GC/MS reports are equally as important as the therapeutic benefits and safety issues of the essential oils which are determined by their chemical makeup.

Oil Purity is essential for potency and safety.

In order to have a therapeutic effect, we believe essential oils must be pure plant extracts. Interestingly enough, adulterated oils or perfume oils do not offer therapeutic effects and may in fact cause allergies, headaches and chemical sensitivities.

Carefully Sourcing and Professional Bottling

Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils are carefully sourced from all over the world. The original source of all 18 oils was visited by our  sourcing specialist. After careful comparisons, we found the best oils for our customers. We know some oils may not smell good, but we believe their benefits will really be helpful for health and wellness. All of our oils are bottled in FDA certified facilities in the US.

Aromatherapy and Healing Properties of each of the oils:

    1. Lavender essential oils: Will Relieve anxiety and stress and help you sleep easier.
    2. Tea Tree essential oils: Works with the body to unleash powerful natural healing.
    3. Eucalyptus essential oils: Relieves exhaustion and enhances creativity, relieves pain and heals the body.
    4. Frankincense essential oils: Diffuse it for an immediate sense of peace and calm.
    5. Lemongrass essential oils: When diffused, it brings a feeling of cleanliness and total comfort.
    6. Lemon essential oils: Feel enlivened and euphoric.
    7. Rosemary essential oils: Best if driving long distances or having extended study sessions. Support for cognition and memory.
    8. Orange essential oils: Feeling of quiet confidence and joy.
    9. Peppermint essential oils: Eliminate fatigue or drifting thoughts.

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