Openuye Facial Steamer, Nano Ionic Hot Mist Moisturizing Face Humidifier



OPENUYE Facial Steamer 


  • Made of a High-quality, secure aluminum vaporizer pot, with an auto-off function and adjustable steam levels. Our techniques offer healthier skincare.
  • Mini Hot Mist Humidifier with a built-in aromatherapy basket and diffuser so you can add a bit of mincing fresh fruit or add 2-3 drops of essential oil. You could also hydrolate into the aroma basket, to create a lovely fragrance for you to lift the mood and relieve stress.
  • The Openuye Facial Steamer has a 100ML Large Tank provides 15 Minutes continuous fog and supports about 15 minutes of quiet spray. The water tank is made of high-quality materials as well as environmentally-friendly. With the mini portable design, it allows you to conveniently take the facial steamer on an overnight trip.
  • Multi-Angle Adjustable Nozzle – A unique design that offers a 90 degree wide-angle fog outlet. You will be able to adjust the spray height that that will increase the spray range of water spray to nourish the skin on the neck and as well as the chest. It can be used as a humidifier in your home as well as nourishing your body.

    Product Specification

    • Product weight: 0.8kg
    • Power: 300W
    • Voltage: 110V
    • Power cord length: 1.3 meters exposed
    • Working time: Preheat 60S/spray 15min