BEST Back Brace by FlexGuard Support - Compression Belt for Men and Women

Flexguard has created a brace for back pain relief with optimized lumbar support. Great relief from discomfort and pain and with an increase in flexibility and movement.



Relieve Tight Back Muscles

Relieve tight back muscles with Flexguard’s BEST Back Brace that will give you the freedom to move without pain! Whether you have Sciatica, herniated discs problems, or just sprains/strains, if you have lower back issues, you already know that the pain discomfort makes it so hard to move easily. Even with the simple daily things like bending over to feed the dog, driving, or standing for more than 10 minutes it becomes a painful chore. FlexGuard has created the brace to relieve tight back muscles with optimized lumbar support.  You will be able to relieve the pressure on your lower back, allowing it to heal so you are able to move around without pain again. You will have your freedom back again!

  • Full Protection and Support
  • Move with Confidence!
  • Able to use less Pain Medication
  • Boost your Mood and Energy
  • Find Relief to enjoy the things you like to do!


The brace to relieve tight back muscles works by supporting your spine and surrounding muscles during times of injury and pain. Whether it is a simple strained muscle to herniated discs or SI Joint Pain,  the Flexguard brace (plus FREE 25-Page Guide) is a perfect back pain relief you were looking for.


High quality support belt that is comfortable, with firm fabric and vertical metal bars that will hold you in alignment, while the pulley creates an easy-to-adjust, perfect fit! And while it may sound like a straight jacket, it does fit like a “glove”.


There are added mesh pockets in the lower back support so you could add hot or cold packs (packs not included). Unique to the back brace, you will now be able to enjoy full breathable support, with the added comfort of ice or heat. Choose your size (available in Med/Large or Extra Large) and try it out.

INSTANT RELIEF: Once putting on the back brace, your aches and pains will subside. Enjoy the benefits of the wide support and unique hot/cold pockets. 

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: If you EVER have an issue with this item, we will send you a replacement, with no questions asked.

Size: Medium/Large (pack of 1), or Extra Large (pack of 1) – same pricing.


How to build a better posture with Flexguard, the makers of the back brace. (click here for more info)

On our website we have the Back Stretcher to help relieve back pain.