Classical Stretch Complete Season 12 by ESSENTRICS: Aging Backwards



Stretching for Seniors

Aging Backwards is an exercise video that is focused on stretching for seniors and it only takes 23 minutes a day!

The Season 12 is an ideal exercise video that focuses on stretching for seniors. The Classical Stretch uses simple techniques to help you take control of your aging body. Every workout is designed to work your full body – activate your muscle cells and loosen your tight connective tissue or injury. This straightforward process keeps your body fit as the years go on, relieves pain, loosens and lubricates your joints, while maintaining your strength, posture, balance, and mobility.

There are 30 episodes in Classical Stretch and each have a different focus and pace depending on pain-relief, balance, mobility and full-body strength to suit every need. Each workout is 23-minutes and engages the FULL BODY—stretches and strengthens all your 650 muscles while rebalancing your 360 joints.

Based on ESSENTRICS Technique:

The video series is based on the Essentrics technique where the philosophy is by moving every muscle in all directions while incorporating balance of strength and mobility, you can age backwards.  Each of our muscle cells contain an abundance of mitochondria—microscopic furnaces responsible for burning calories, providing energy, and keeping you feeling and looking young. With stretching for seniors it is especially important to activate every muscle and feed these furnaces to keep them alive and healthy before muscle atrophy sets in. This is accomplished with gentle and thorough exercises that are safe,  challenging, and for every level of fitness.

We recommend engaging your muscles and joints at least once per day to keep your body feeling young, healthy, balanced and vibrant! Stretching for seniors is key to a lasting, long and healthy life.


If you are new to the technique we recommend that you start with these entry level episodes*

    All Standing (AS)     All Barre (AB)     Standing & Barre (SB)     Standing & Floor (SF)

Episode / Title / Type
1201 / Full Body & Plantar Fasciitis Release – AS*
1202 / Hip Pain Relief and Stretch – SB*
1203 / Quad Strengthening – SF
1204 / Weight Loss and Calorie Burn – AS*
1205 / Back Pain Relief – SB*
1206 / Full Body Strengthening – SF
1207 / Posture – SB*
1208 / Long Adductor – SB
1209 / Back Pain Relief – SF*   
1210 / Endurance and Power – SF
1211 / Finger Arthritis – AS*
1212 / Hamstring Flexibility – SB*
1213 / Toning the Waist – SF
1214 / Spine Strength – AS*
1215 / Shoulder Pain Relief – SB
1216 / Relieve Neck Pain – SF* 
1217/ Full Body Toning – AS
1218 / Psoas & Hip Stretch – SB
1219 / Waist Slenderizing – AS
1220 / Stimulates Balance & Strengthens Feet – SB
1221 / Connective Tissue – SB
1222 / Hip & Glute Flexibility – SF
1223 / Stretch Your Spine – AS*
1224 / Upper Body Pain Relief – SF*
1225 / Improve your Balance – AS
1226 / Stomach Flattening – SF
1227 / Shoulder Strengthening – AS*
1228 / Full Leg Toning – SF
1229 / Body Shaping – AS
1230 / Quad Flexibility – SF* 



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