Face Lifting Machine 5 in 1 R-F Skin Tightening Machine & EMS Massager(CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)



Tighten Facial Muscles

This amazing Face Lifting Machine 5 in 1 R-F Skin Tightening Machine & EMS Massager is a perfect “in-home” system that will tighten facial muscles easily and effectively. It comes with several discs that address different types of skin conditions. You will love this “Simple to Use” system and it only takes 15-20 minutes each session. For optimal results do 2-3 times a week.


  • Tone and Tighten Facial Muscles
  • You will Look Younger
  • Feel more Revitalized
  • Improve the quality of your Skin Texture

The hand held device is easy to use and you will enjoy amazing results.


  1. Charge the device fully for 3 hours before its first use.
  2. Thoroughly clean your skin and then apply the essence or cream.
  3. To start, press the “Power” button. (The R-F and EMS function are automatically activated after start up and you only need to select the intensity of the type of light). The current intensity is set to level 1 by default.
  4. Strength selection: after 1st pressing “Power”, then press “Power” again for the strength of the intensity level 2; And so on. Press the sixth time to power off the device.
  5. Move the device from the bottom of your face to the top with a gentle movement. Then move from the inside to outer face eventually covering the whole face.

Please Note:

Each mode is intelligently timed for 10 minutes. When the treatment is over, it automatically stops.
Recommended use is 15-20 minutes for a single session; 2-3 sessions /week.

Five different settings:

  • Electroporation – tighten facial muscles, soften wrinkles
  • LED Light – reduce inflammation, decrease pain, decrease enlarged pores
  • RF – stimulates collagen growth, brings luster and decrease wrinkles
  • EMS – simulates collagen growth, tighten facial muscles
  • Mesoporation – rejuvenate and revitalize the skin

Six LED light discs that will help these conditions:

  • Acne
  • Oily Skin
  • Dark Spots/pigmentation
  • Tighten facial muscles, increase collagen production
  • Skin brightening with dark spots

Package Includes:
R-F Skin Tightening Machine
USB Cable
User Manual
Charging Stand


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