Workout/Fitness and/or Nutrition Journal/Planner



 Workout Planner

  • Have the fun of tracking your progress with a fitness workout planner and help you achieve your goals more quickly.
  • Be able to stay on your fitness course for the long term duration.


DEVELOPED BY PROS: This workout planner was created by people who are experienced at fitness programs and know the science of working out. It has been endorsed and highly recommended by personal trainers as well as military fitness experts.

DETAILED TRACKING: Record your goals, Stats for starting/ending specific workouts, track progress & frequency of workouts. Includes graphics that show which exercises target specific muscles PLUS a guide for measuring body fat.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The workout planner is made with a sturdy wire binding, thick durable pages plus a laminated protective coating. Convenient, portable 5.5 x 8.5″ size.

Product Description:

  • Thick pages that won’t bleed through
  • Comprehensive tracking capabilities to keep you on course
  • Developed by fitness experts
  • Includes helpful hints & guidelines
  • Sturdy, bend-resistant cover with lamination protection
  • High-quality, spiral-bound design (holds a pen, too)


Whether you’re doing cardio workouts, weightlifting or Crossfit, you can track information. For instance, divide areas like specific muscle groups you’re working on, different exercise regimens  you’re doing, and counting how many sets you have performed. It makes it easier to see your progress as well as areas you want to focus on. There’s even a spot to jot down personal notes and words of self-encouragement. Enjoy the access to our exclusive online body-fat calculator at no cost.

You will find this workout planner is a necessity!


START your journal today and notice the difference in your workout sessions!

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